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✂ Cut off date for Mother's Day deliveries is 1pm Monday 8th March

✂ Cut off date for Mother's Day deliveries is 1pm Monday 8th March

Our Favourite Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day 2021

Our Favourite Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day 2021

With Mother’s Day coming up, we all want to make the most of this opportunity to say ‘thank you’ and show our mums a little love and appreciation – and after a year when you and your mum may have been kept apart for months at a time, getting it right has never been more important!

Don’t worry, though! Here at Bits & Bobbets, we like to think that we have the perfect gift for everyone and for every occasion.

Here are just a few great personalised Mother’s Day gift ideas for mums, step-mums and grandmas everywhere in 2021!

For Mums Who Love To Cook

Whether your mum brushed up on her cooking skills over lockdown or whether she’s always been the best cook that you know, we’ve got a range of perfect gifts for mums who love nothing more than rustling up a delicious meal for the whole family.

Why not treat your mum to a lovely new personalised apron? We have a few different styles available, so there’s sure to be the perfect one for everybody.

First off, show your mum that you think her cooking skills are unrivalled with our ‘Queen Of The Kitchen’ personalised apron, which can be customised to include your mother’s name in the design. Alternatively, if you think your mum deserves a reward after all that hard work in the kitchen, get her an apron that tells everyone what their end of the deal is, with our personalised ‘Will Cook For Prosecco’ design!

Finally, we’re sure any mum would love an apron covered in photos of their ‘little cherub’ (that’s you!), so why not treat your mum to our ‘Faces All Over’ personalised apron? Filled top to bottom with your own smiling face, this is sure to raise a laugh from mum.

It’s not all aprons here at Bits & Bobbets here, though. If you’ve ever seen your mum burn herself attempting to get food from the oven with a tea towel (a rookie error…), treat her hands to a pair of our ‘Queen Bee’ oven gloves, which can be personalised to add your mum’s name, along with a special message across two lines, too. The gloves are high-quality, stylish and feature a sweet honeybee design that everyone will surely love.

There’s also a lovely addition to the kitchen décor available in the shape of our personalised ‘Abstract Rose’ glass cutting board. Featuring a beautifully sweet floral design and the space to add a personalised message for mum, this will leave your mum questioning whether she’s emotional from cutting onions or whether she’s just extra happy with this lovely gift!

For Mums Who Love To Relax

After a long day, your mum probably appreciates the chance to chill out for a while (especially with you stressing her out, you terror!), so this Mother’s Day, say ‘thanks’ by giving her unwinding time a level-up with these great gifts!

There’s nothing quite like curling up on the sofa with a blanket during the winter months, so your mum will love our personalised ‘Faces All Over’ fleece! Complete with photos of – you guessed it! - you, scattered amongst the phrase ‘best mum’, this fleece blanket is super-soft and super-cosy, the perfect accessory for a night in front of the TV.

If your mother is more the reading and writing type, we have some other great suggestions. First off, this personalised hardback notebook is a great way for your mum to unwind with a little mindfulness journaling after a busy day. If your mum’s a bit of a bookworm, perhaps you’d like to give your mum a handy way to keep her place in her new favourite novel with this personalised wooden bookmark – beautifully made and with the space for you to customise it with one of her favourite photographs, this is certainly a lovely Mother’s Day gift.

Finally, no relaxation session is complete without lighting some candles! Our personalised relaxation candles smell absolutely delightful, with the scent of wild fig and red grape – and you can even customise the tin lid with a special message for mum.

For Mums Who Like A Drink (Or Three!)

If there’s one thing most of us can agree on, it’s that there’s nothing quite like a few glasses of wine after a long day! Luckily, we’ve got a great selection of wine, champagne and prosecco gifts this Mother’s Day.

Champagne itself is always a great gift, but how about champagne with a box of chocolates or a pretty silk rose? Both bottles can be personalised with a name and message and are beautifully presented in gift box, this is a present that anyone would surely appreciate.

If your mother is the type who likes a bottle of wine rather than just one glass, how about this personalised bottle top wine glass? It can be personalised with a message for your mum and is sure to raise a smile this Mother’s Day!

However, if traditional glasses are more her thing, we have plenty of those, too! Remind your mum that she’s earned a few drinks with our ‘Mum, You Deserve This!’ balloon gin glass, or add a little sparkle to her evening tipple with our stemless glitter wine tumbler, available in three pretty pastel colours and a beautiful silver shade. Again, all can be personalised with a message for mum for that extra special touch!

Finally, a glass of gin is always better with a slice of lemon or lime, or even a few chopped strawberries – and even better still if it’s prepared on our personalised heart-shaped chopping board!

For the tee-total mums and grandmas out there, we also have a great range of personalised ‘mum’ mugs. How about our super-trendy, eco-friendly personalised bamboo mug? Eye-catching, durable and it even includes a sip lid so that mum can take her brew to-go if she needs to! Or for those who can’t get the day started without a caffeine boost, there’s out stylish personalised ‘Coffee O’ Clock’ latte glass, which can be customised with the name of your beloved mum.

Of course, even if the mum and wife in your life does like to indulge in a drink of the alcoholic kind, these mugs also make great personalised ‘gifts for mummy’ from kids who aren’t quite old enough to be gifting bottles of prosecco just yet!

Whatever the gift you choose, we’re sure your mum is going to love it.

From all of us here at Bits & Bobbets, we hope that every mum, stepmum, guardian, aunt, grandma, great-grandma and great-great-grandma have a wonderful Mother’s Day – and that maybe in 2022, we’ll be able to celebrate Mother’s Day with a little more normality in place.