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These Personalised Gifts Are PERFECT For Christmas 2020!

These Personalised Gifts Are PERFECT For Christmas 2020!

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, we’re all beginning to resign ourselves to the unfortunate fact that we might not be able to see as many of our family and friends as we were hoping to this Christmas – but that doesn’t mean you can’t be together in a slightly different way. Here at Bits & Bobbets, we think we’ve got just the thing!

If you’re looking to send someone a little pick-me-up to remind you that you’re thinking of them or just want to make a loved one laugh, our personalised ‘faces all over’ gift collection was practically made for Christmas 2020.

Here are just a few of the highlights from the gift collection that’s got something for everything this festive season!

Keep ‘Em Warm!

There’s only one thing better than huddling under a blanket in the winter… huddling under a blanket with your best friend’s face on.

Every item in our collection of ‘faces all over’ blankets can be personalised to turn every character into you. We’ve got a personalised blanket that can be used for every occasion, including Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays, congratulating someone on the birth of their baby boy or girl and even just to remind them that they’re out of this world!

We’ve also got a ‘faces all over’ hooded blanket for that extra bit of winter warmth.

Of course, the king of the collection for the festive period is our Christmas elf blanket. Give someone the gift of being wrapped up in twenty-eight dancing elves with your face on this Christmas – it’s what your loved ones have always wanted!

It’s also a great way to remind them that you’ll be keeping an eye on whether they’re being naughty or nice this year…

Home Improvements

You might not be able to visit your friend’s houses for real this year, but that’s not to say they can’t see you around the house at all! Our ‘faces all over’ range includes some great homeware products.

First impressions count, so why not make sure that the first thing your friend’s guests see as they enter the house is a welcome mat with their face on? Or yours’, of course! It’ll certainly make for a memorable welcome.

Give your home bar a bit of a freshen up with our ‘faces all over’ bar runner this Christmas. No worries if you spill a little eggnog over it whilst celebrating – our personalised bar runners are fully machine washable, so you can give them a clean and put them right back out.

Or how about this personalised apron? The perfect gift to remind the budding chef in your life that you can’t wait to enjoy one of their delicious home cooked meals as soon as lockdown restrictions ease a little! There’s nothing quite like the warming smile of a friend to get you through the stress of cooking a Christmas dinner for your family.

You, But Fun-Sized

In a year where we miss getting to hang out with friends, spend quality time with family or cuddle with your partner while you watch TV, what could be better than to give your loved ones the gift of a mini version of you?

You may not be there for real, but our MINI ME collection is the perfect way to be there in spirit! Each MINI ME is 18” tall and 13” wide – just the right size to snuggle up with. They’re super soft, too. We’ve got 14 different designs to choose from, so you’re bound to find the perfect one for you!

Perhaps you want to say a big ‘thank you’ to the key worker in your life? Seven of our MINI MEs are designed to represent different jobs, so whether you want to deliver a unique gift to your favourite post man or want to celebrate the supermarket superhero in your life (we’ve got three different supermarket-inspired designs to choose from), you can give them a Christmas present that they certainly won’t forget in a hurry.

We’ve even got MINI MEs to say a big thank you to the NHS heroes among us, with our nurse and doctor designs – they won’t be able to help them do their rounds, but they’ll make for a comfortable pillow once they get home.

You’ll likely hear a lot of TV adverts over the next few months claiming that something is ‘the perfect gift for Christmas’. In our opinion, it doesn’t get any more perfect than our Christmas MINI Mes! We’ve got three festive friends to choose from – you could be cuddling up to an elf, a gingerbread man or even roasting chestnuts on an open fire with Santa himself.

So, whoever you’re missing this Christmas and wherever they may be, be there in spirit with one of our personalised ‘faces all over’ gifts – unique, fun and perfect for in a time when all we really want to do is get together and be merry!