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A Year of Dates: Pink Edition

A Year of Dates: Pink Edition

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We may not be able to go out on a date, but this gift has plenty of ideas for memorable date nights at home. Why not order food to be delivered, dress up a little, (or a lot), and block out an hour or two of time for yourselves? It’s the perfect way to keep the romance alive, when we’re staying safe at home.

Choose each week from 52 sealed envelopes, each containing a surprise date idea, plus five blank versions so you can add your own ideas. This box is the perfect present to give your other half for a birthday or anniversary (paper is the traditional gift for a first wedding anniversary), or for a lucky couple as a thoughtful wedding gift that shows you really care.

This is the gift that keeps couples laughing, trying new things and making memories together. Everyone has busy lives and the dates are here to help them spend quality time doing things they might not have thought of.

All date ideas are suitable for any couple, regardless of gender or age, and are designed to work for even the busiest of schedules. Lots of the activities can be done at home, and others involve a night out or a day trip, so there are plenty of opportunities for date nights, and date days. It also includes a leaflet explaining how to use the box.

The envelopes are presented in a luxury, branded black gift box that can be personalised with name, memorable date or a special message.

Surprise or Categorised?
We’ve designed two versions of this thoughtful gift, to help suit different lifestyles:

The Surprise Edition means any card could be in any envelope – it’s a lucky dip!
The Categorised Edition which is perfect for parents, people on a budget or those who like to keep a bit of control! The colours of the envelopes are colour coded: choose to go out for the evening, stay in, or have a day out. There are also a few surprises included.

Like to know what you’re gifting?

Here’s a sample of the activities included:

Make a playlist together

Enjoy an evening listening, remembering and smiling at your happy memories

Order a take-away

Flip a coin - heads you choose what you eat

Star Gazing

Look up and gaze at the cosmos. Watch out for shooting starts, constellations and UFOs…

Comedy Night
Go to a comedy club, or watch stand up on TV. Make yourself laugh and smile the evening away!

Go to the theatre
Watch something at the theatre, in person or virtually. Take in the bright lights and talent on stage.

If you have any additional needs, please get in touch so we can help.