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Personalised Handwriting Sundial Compass | Bits & Bobbets

Personalised Handwriting Sundial Compass

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Product Description

Personalised Handwriting Sundial Compass

Seeing a loved one's handwriting is something you instantly recognise and can often bring back a rush of memories. Our new Handwriting Sundial Compass turns a sentimental handwritten note or card into the most unique and wonderful gift! 
  • With just a photo of the handwriting, we will personalise the gift with the special message - a beautifully personalised keepsake which they will truly treasure. 
  • To personalise, please upload a high resolution photograph of the text on white unlined paper. Message limit is 10-15 words. 
  • File upload limit is 100MB.
  • A charming and very unique gift.
  • Special brass compass with a sundial feature below which is a fully operational nautical compass.
  • This compass comes with a protective pouch in which it can be kept.
  • Please note, the sundials are made from highly polished brushed brass. This means that sundials can appear 'scratched' this is not the case, the brushed effect adds to the charm of the item and is not a flaw.
  • A wonderful gift for your Grandad.. Click for our full range of personalised gifts for grandad.
  • Diameter 7cm
  • Height 3cm
  • Weight 300g

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